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Chrissie teaches both live and online yoga to groups and individuals. Her approach is informal, down-to-earth and friendly. A typical class balances flowing, active and strengthening postures with slower, more meditative ones. Every class includes pranayama – yogic breathing.

Online Zoom Yoga

Monday 8:45am Zoom Yoga
Tuesday 8:45am Zoom Yoga
Wednesday 8:45am Zoom Yoga
Thursday 8:45am Zoom Yoga
Saturday 8:45am Zoom Yoga
Sunday 8:45am Zoom Yoga

Live Yoga

Yoga Nidra is a wonderful way to relax and calm the mind. Using visualisation and meditation techniques, the brain slows down theta waves where we are able to reach a state of very deep relaxation.
Monday 8:00pm on Zoom

Private Classes

Private classes available on request for individuals and groups of friends at your home or at your work place. Chrissie advocates safe practice and modifies the class to suit your particular needs. All ages and all levels of yoga welcome.

Yoga Teaching Style Chrissie is a qualified yoga teacher in Auckland. She completed her Level 1 Ashtanga training in 2014 and her Level 2 Satyananda training in 2018. Other influences include Hatha, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. She teaches asana (postures) combined with pranayama (yogic breathing) at beginner and intermediate levels, with a strong emphasis on safe practice. Chrissie is an experienced workshop teacher specialising in the chakra system. She also teaches chant and meditation.

Zoom yoga classes are small and informal and individual lessons can be arranged. Please let Chrissie know about any injuries or health conditions you may have prior to class. Times and dates may change according to the season. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and leave at least two hours after eating before class.



“I always look forward to my yoga classes with Chrissie. The Saturday morning session sets me up for the weekend and I come away feeling relaxed, uplifted and fully stretched. What I enjoy about Chrissie’s classes is her warm, genuine approach, her clear, precise, technical instructions and the explanations of the benefits of each pose. I never worry that I could hurt myself by doing the pose incorrectly. The sessions flow smoothly and before I know it an hour has passed and I am left feeling lighter in mind and body. After a couple of months of yoga with Chrissie, I feel stronger, more balanced, enjoy better sleep and the issues I had with my upper back and neck are almost forgotten. I feel an increased connection with my physical self and I often use the breathing technique she teaches to calm myself and become more centred. These sessions during COVID-19 have been empowering and I’ve come out of lockdown feeling stronger and more flexible than ever. Zoom yoga with Chrissie has been fantastic for my mental and physical health in challenging times. I didn’t believe that on-line yoga could be so amazing.”

-Louise P

“One-on-one classes are the way to go. I learnt more about yoga and my body in two hours with Chrissie than in the past six years of classes! Informed, articulate, precise and at the same time, easy going and personal teaching. Highly recommended.”

-Abby M

Chrissie has been teaching a group of friends at my place weekly for the past few months. Her sessions are a real workout, great for strengthening and stretching our middle-aged bodies but not overly challenging. She attentively adjusts our posture to make sure we’re getting the full benefit. Practising yoga with Chrissie is an energizing experience which allows me to get through long days at my computer without seizing up. It’s also a great way for me to exercise without having to get a babysitter. If you let Chrissie know your requirements, she will tailor the class to your needs.

-Jacki J

“Chrissie’s yoga sessions are very much personalised. She takes time to adjust your postures in order to optimise each stance. Under her direction, I was able to read a higher level of meditative state during relaxation. I did yoga with Chrissie before, during and after pregnancy. She was able to adapt her sessions to take into account my differing health state, back pain and need to rebuild core strength. This and her knowledge of my pain points through acupuncture and deep tissue massage, she was able to offer a well-rounded host experience. We miss her here in London!!”

-Ellen Q

“I can touch my toes now!”

-Rohan F

“I’ve done yoga for many years and I can say that Chrissie was one of the few teachers to have taken a real concern with the explanation of asanas and their purpose. She always took time to go around the room and correct people’s postures. She adapted her classes to the time of year or the weather on a particular day. Her classes were very well structured and a great pleasure to attend. Since she’s left, I’ve struggled to find a class as good and enjoyable as hers.” 

-Jo N

“I’ve known Chrissie for many years but have never had the opportunity to attend one of her yoga classes.  I had taken an extended break from yoga over the past 10 years as have been too busy to regularly attend a yoga class with work and family taking priority.  To be able to attend Chrissie’s online yoga class has been amazing.  Particularly as her approach is warm and uplifting and generous.  She gives very clear and simple explanations and the class is a great balance between flexibility and strength – gentle but allowing you to extend yourself and get a good workout too at whichever level you are at.  I love it!  Thanks, Chrissie!!”

-Jane Y

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It is important to have a proper grounding in the basic techniques as you set the foundation for your yoga practice. You will learn the importance of correct postural alignment and how to be safe in your practice. Chrissie also teaches pranayama – yogic breathing techniques – to relax the mind.