Enneagram tests

  There are many Enneagram tests on the internet which are not always accurate. Chrissie offers live and online one-to-one typing interviews to help you ascertain your number. The Narrative Tradition encourages the enquirer to tell his or her own story, in order to arrive at his or her own type.

nine enneagram types

The Enneagram (‘Ennea’ nine in Greek) is an in-depth personality system with nine distinct types. It is a wonderful tool for self-discovery and to understand the significant others in our lives. The Enneagram encourages us to move beyond our habitual behavioural patterns to a place of evolution, growth and health.

Instincts Subtypes & Wings

The Enneagram system can be organised into several different triplicities. Each number has three instincts (self-preservation, one-to-one or social) and two wings, which add complexity and depth to our basic type. Between each number are connecting lines which indicate our stress points and movement towards health

“I just had an Enneagram interview with Chrissie via Zoom. It confirmed my suspicions: I’m a 9 !  I feel like I’ve just discovered the tip of the iceberg and am now set on a course of self discovery. It’s so accurate, intriguing and helpful. I highly recommend it. Knowledge is power.

Helen F

“It was fascinating to go through the Enneagram interview with Chrissie. Chrissie has a wonderful interview style that put me immediately at ease and she held plenty of space for me to think through my responses to the questions. I enjoyed going through the process and had some interesting insight into my own nature and underlying motivations.”

Mel H

“I really enjoyed my Enneagram interview. I could relate a lot to how Chrissie perceived my personality. Having done the interview and read more, it has also helped  me understand others’ behaviours. Thank you, Chrissie. “

Larissa M

“I found it very insightful to have an Enneagram interview with Chrissie. It was very easy and since discovering my number, I have been interested to read and learn more about it.”

Liz S