Chrissie prescribes Chinese herbs to support your acupuncture treatment. Herbs are helpful for most ailments including menstrual problems, digestive disorders, insomnia and skin conditions. 



Chrissie prescribes loose dried herbs as they are the most efficacious. The herbs are boiled and drunk as a tea. She uses only the best quality herbs, sourcing them from a Chinese herbal dispensary in Auckland.



Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years in China. The herbs are carefully selected to moderate and balance each other. Herbs are completely safe provided your practitioner is well trained and using good quality herbs.

Chinese Herb Preparation 

The most efficacious way of taking them is by boiling them up and drinking them as a tea. 

  1. Using a stainless steel pot, take one packet of herbs and soak it in about 1½-2 pints of water (overnight if possible).
  2. Bring to the boil, then simmer for about 25 minutes.
  3. Using a sieve, drain off the decoction into a bowl (non-plastic is better) RETAINING the liquid.
  4. Re-use the already-boiled herbs for a second boil, using the same amount of water for the same length of time. 
  5. Pour the resulting second decoction in to the first boil liquid.
  6. Discard the herbs.


“In March 2006 I was diagnosed with chronic psoriasis. For the months preceding this, my whole body was covered in scaly lesions. Being a believer in fixing the problem and not just the symptom, I should the help of acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, Christine Cunningham. Chrissie gave me a course of weekly acupuncture as well as prescribing me some Chinese herbs which I took twice daily. After 6 months, the psoriasis completely disappeared and six months on, it has not returned.”

Natalie M

“Christine’s diagnosis was very thorough. With her help, I was better able to understand how my lifestyle and eating habits were contributing to my condition. I had weekly acupuncture for the more psychological symptoms and Chinese herbs for my digestive symptoms. The herbs in particular had an outstanding effect and within a month my symptoms had improved dramatically. This balancing experience did not merely alleviate my unexplained sickness but also changed the way I perceive my life as a whole.”

Naor E