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Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element is an ancient style of acupuncture practised for thousands of years, before it was almost stamped out in the Cultural Revolution. Five Element focuses on the person’s spirit and emotions. The practitioner diagnoses through colour, sound, emotion and odour to treat a person’s fundamental imbalance.

TCM Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the most widely used style of acupuncture in modern China  and the world. Most ACC practitioners in NZ are trained in TCM. Its main focus is to find the root cause of physical signs and symptoms, treating anything from external injuries to acute and chronic medicine.


Chrissie is trained in both Five Element and TCM styles and uses both in her practice. At your initial consultation, Chrissie takes your full health history including all past and present conditions. She focuses on you as an individual, considering your lifestyle factors which might be impacting on your overall health.


At your initial consultation, Chrissie takes your full health history, including all signs and symptoms past and present. She also considers your lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and stress levels. Pulse and tongue diagnosis are used to confirm the main treatment principles

Subsequent treatments are based on this diagnosis and a treatment plan made according to your individual needs. For optimal health, it is beneficial to have acupuncture every 4-6 weeks: prevention is better than cure.


“I had treatment from Chrissie for 17 years before she returned to New Zealand. During that time she was always a consummate professional and she is greatly missed. Chrissie has a heart of gold and always puts other people’s needs before her own. She is caring, empathetic, insightful and utterly dedicated to her clients/ patients; nothing is too much trouble for her.  It is evident that she has devoted her life to the care of others and it shines through in all that she does. She is a wonderful practitioner and anyone who has her for their treatment will be very well served. I wish her all the best in her business and every success as she deserves it.”

Celia M

“Chrissie’s understanding of Chinese medicine is deep and insightful and I, like so many of her patients, have felt the great changes and powerful effects of her treatments. Christine has come home to New Zealand leaving behind a great legacy and community in London where she enjoyed a wide reputation thanks to her care and passionate devotion to her practice. She is greatly missed by her clients and colleagues alike.”

Giles D

“Integrated acupuncture and yoga therapy have been a complete revelation to me. Chrissie has multidisciplinary knowledge and experience, and an innate concern for others. This allows her to combine a holistic approach with personalised treatment. I have been transformed both mentally and physically. As a result, I am stronger, calmer and more centred. I absolutely recommend Chrissie, she’s amazing.”

Karl S